LOUP collection


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Charming and fantastic at the same time, the LOUP Collection is made for you if you like to be accompanied by an accessory of character and authentic.

Matching the softness and lightness of cork with the simplicity of linen, LOUP has fair and balanced curves.
De taille moyenne, les Pièces Uniques de la Collection LOUP pourront vous suivre portées sur l’épaule ou en bandoulière grâce à sa sangle en liège réglable.

Afin de faciliter son entretien et respecter les valeurs de la marque Frénéthik, l’intérieur du sac est en lin enduit, dont vous apprécierez la résistance.

Loup est doté de 4 poches intérieures et d’une poche zippée à l’extérieur.
All the closures used for Frénéthik creations have been chosen for their strength and elegance.
Je prends soin de nourrir certaines parties du liège avec une préparation 100% végétale pour leur assurer une meilleure tenue dans le temps.

Like all the cork pieces from the Frénéthik brand, you will be able to appreciate the imprints of the bark of the cork oak, which reminds us of its plant and natural origin.

The Frénéthik brand was stamped by hand with an iron in the workshop located in the heart of the Fontainebleau forest.


Why a LOUP collection ?

The LOUP Collection is a tribute to this magnificent animal whose stories have followed us since our childhood.
Sometimes docile, sometimes fierce, he is as much adulated as he is hated.
Quoiqu’il en soit, le loup ne laisse personne indifférent.

It is a wild animal which has its place in our territory and which deserves to be protected and admired if not hunt down.
The beauty of the wolf and the richness of its social life are truly captivating ...