JON wallet

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JON wallet

(1 customer review)


2 in stock

Livraison comprise en France Métropolitaine

Thought, drawn and sewn by machine in Seine et Marne.
Designed by Leslie, creator of the brand Frénéthik, just for you ♥


JON is responsible and elegant solution to transport your means of paymentwherever you go.

Its size allows it to slip easily into a handbag or a jacket pocket.

its simple and efficient design will appeal to any woman or man wishing to link practice, aesthetics and ethics.

Fully realized from cork leather, le porte-monnaie JON possède une poche zippée à l’avant grâce à laquelle vous pourrez ranger votre monnaie en toute sécurité mais aussi quelques papiers (carte identité, permis de conduire, cartes visite…).
At the back, JON has two slots for your various cards.

The JON wallet is an original gift idea which will be able to seduce people interested in the discovery of new material mais aussi pour toute personne concerned about the environment and its inhabitants..

The Frénéthik brand was stamped by hand with an iron in the workshop located in the heart of the Fontainebleau forest.

♠ D’autres coloris viendront bientôt !

Cork wallet
Red vine cork fabric
Création faite de façon artisanale + marquage au fer manuel = création unique (celle que vous recevrez pourra différer légèrement de celle sur la photo de la fiche produit, comme indiqué dans les CGV)

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 9.5 cm

1 review for Porte monnaie JON-RV

  1. Catherine B. (verified owner)

    Très joli porte monnaie. Beau Design

    • Leslie (store manager)

      Merci ! Ravie que le porte monnaie Jon soit à votre goût 🙂

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Les Indispensables JON et FEMKE partent en lettre suivie par LaPoste.
Ils sont emballés avec soin avec les fournitures disponibles et ma créativité du moment (fibre ortie, papier kraft, papier soie, papier ensemencé…
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How to take care of your JON wallet ?

Since cork is naturally waterproof, you can maintain it with a clean damp cloth.
Never use towelette, as this may permanently alter the color of the cork fabric.
The intensity of the color of the cork may naturally fade over time, due to the common friction caused by its use.

Why a JON collection ?

Jon est le prénom d’un lion, retiré par One Voice au cirque qui l’exploitait depuis de nombreuses années, en France. En plus de souffrir de malnutrition, Jon a subit de nombreuses mutilations (dégriffé, dents coupées jusqu’à la pulpe…)
Here is an excerpt from the page of One Voice sur ses premiers pas en dehors de l’enfer du cirque :

First steps into a comfortable future

Upon arrival at our partner's, at the Tonga refuge, welcoming land, Jon, numb by the journey, finally enters his enclosure. The ground is soft under his feet, what softness! His gaze, astonished but still fearful, breaks the heart.

A water trough is at his disposal. But he does not know this object, and knocks it over. Its paws "scratch" and seem to want to move the object, without success. No claw noise is audible. Suddenly we understand: he has been declawed!

It is then that he lowers his head and takes the trough in his mouth: shrill screeches escape from it as he bites hard. These sounds reflect his martyrdom. He no longer has canines: all his teeth have been ground down to the pulp. These were his first gestures when he got out of the transport cage: to try to relieve himself of this throbbing pain.