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Made to order.

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Collier Chien

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Livraison comprise en France Métropolitaine

Made to order.

Thought, drawn and sewn by machine in Seine et Marne.
Designed by Leslie, creator of the brand Frénéthik, just for you ♥

Frénéthik's dog collars are all made from cork fabric and are therefore 100% vegan.
I make them to order only in my workshop in 77.
Your furry companion will appreciate its lightness and softness. Naturally waterproof, it will have the freedom to bathe with its collar in all simplicity.
Upon request, the necklace is delivered with a 3.8 cm identification pendant.

Designed to order only, so there will be a time limithave manufacturing in addition to the delivery time of which you are informed within CGV. The manufacturing time can vary between 48h and 96h depending on the influx of orders


How to choose the necklace?

Necklaces are only made to order.
First, measure your dog's neck circumference, adding 1 cm. Then choose the size of the necklace from the drop-down list.
Example: for a dog with a neck circumference of 45 cm, orient yourself towards 40-50 cm.
You also have the choice of the color of the cork.
Not working with a large stock of cork, it may happen that the desired color is not available. In this case, I will get back to you quickly to find a solution.

The normal tailoring time is 36-72 hours (excluding shipping), but this time may be longer or shorter depending on the flow of work. In that case, once again, I will let you know as soon as possible.

I take it to heart that communication is easy between you and me, so I remain available for any questions.

Is the cork collar resistant?

Cork is a resistant material. In order to give it better hold, I chose to line it with a flexible but tear-proof material. Sewn with a very strong thread you can trust this cork collar (as long as it is only used for this function of course)

How to take care of the cork collar

Since cork is naturally waterproof, you can maintain it with a clean damp cloth.
Never use towelette, as this may permanently alter the color of the cork fabric.
The intensity of the color of the cork may naturally fade over time, due to the common friction caused by its use.
En cas de baignade, je vous conseille de sécher ou d’essuyer avec un linge propre le collier de votre chien.

Les colliers de taille : 15-25 cm, 20-30cm et 25-35cm font 2cm de large. (photo 4, collier en liège vert kaki)
Les autres colliers font 3cm de large. (photo principale)

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Taille 15-25 cm, Taille 20-30 cm, Taille 25-35 cm, Taille 30-40 cm, Taille 35-45 cm, Taille 40-50 cm, Taille 45-55 cm, Taille 50-60 cm


Liège Beige, Liège marron, Liège noir, Liège rouge brique, Liège rouge vigne

1 review for Collier Chien

  1. Cindy Verin (verified owner)

    Petrus et moi sommes ravis du collier en liège rouge vigne reçu aujourd’hui. Le collier est léger, d’une grande qualité et tous les détails sont extrêmement soignés. C’est un véritable petit bijou qui met parfaitement en valeur la robe noir de mon chien.
    Aussitôt reçu, aussitôt testé en balade. Je n’ai pas tellement de doute quant à la résistance du liège sur la durée.
    Merci beaucoup pour cette très belle création!

    • Leslie (store manager)

      Merciiii beaucoup pour ton retour !! ça me fait vraiment plaisir qu’il te plaise autant <3 C'est certain que le liège rouge vigne est vraiment adapté pour un chien à la robe noir !! Merci encore !

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shipping costs included in metropolitan France
Payment in 3 installments free of charge from 100.00 euros!




Le collier part en lettre suivie par Laposte.
It is carefully packaged with the available supplies and my creativity of the moment (nettle fiber, kraft paper, tissue paper, seeded paper ...)
Shipping costs are included (for metropolitan France) in the price indicated, as specified in the General Conditions of Sale. Terms of sales