Quokka Collection


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If you are looking for a warm and small traveling companion, I invite you to discover the Unique Pieces of the Quokka Collection.

Its rounded and soft lines, make it a precious accomplice to embellish your daily life.

Cork combined with linen make the Quokka Collection a deliciously responsible and ethical solution. Indeed, cork, grown and harvested in Portugal comes from ancestral know-how that does not require the felling of the cork oak. As for the linen used in the Frénéthik creations, it is cultivated, spun and sold in France.

The Quokka Collection has 4 interior pockets and an exterior pocket that closes with a high quality zipper (YKK). The Unique Quokka Pieces close with a zipper of the same quality and just as elegant.

The cork strap is handmade in my workshop located just next to the forest of Fontainebleau. It is adjustable and gives you the choice of wearing your Quokka over the shoulder or on the shoulder.

The cork is partly fed with a 100% vegetable preparation to ensure it a better resistance over time.

Like all the cork pieces from the Frénéthik brand, you will be able to appreciate the imprints of the bark of the cork oak, which reminds us of its plant and natural origin.

The Frénéthik mark was stamped by hand with an iron in the workshop.


Why a Quokka Collection ?

The quokka is a small marsupial living in Australia. Herbivorous and rather active at night, it lives in groups.

This small animal, little known in Europe because it lives only in Australia, is an endangered and protected species due to the reduction of its territory. It is known to Australians as the happiest animal in the world because of the smile it naturally displays.

I discovered this friendly little animal during the fires that destroyed much of Australia's wild flora and fauna. This Quokka Collection aims to highlight an unusual animal!